240-MW Pumped Storage Project Proposed for Mineville, N.Y.

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  • December 21, 2016
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         An ambitious group of engineers from Albany Engineering Corp. see the shafts at an abandoned, centuries-old iron mine in New York's Adirondacks as way to create the 240-MW Mineville closed-loop pumped-storage project. They plan to circulate some of the millions of gallons of groundwater that have flooded the mine shafts over the years to power an array of 100 hydroelectric turbines one half-mile underground. The U.S. Department of Energy is calling for a big increase in pumped-storage capacity by 2050 to meet the needs of renewable energy sources that are growing so fast the Energy Information Administration predicts renewables will overtake nuclear energy by 2021 and coal by 2030.

- Linda Jonson

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    John Doe

    Posted on 26th Dec, 2016

    Very well done

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      Posted on 24th Dec, 2016 Author


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        David Muller

        Posted on 23rd Dec, 2016

        Good job

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    Jhon Doe

    Posted on 21st Dec, 2016

    Good idea !


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