San Diego Entities Seek Interest Related to 500-MW Pumped Storage Project

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  • january 6, 2016
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         The San Diego County Water Authority and the City of San Diego said Jan. 6 that they have taken a step toward the possibility of helping the region meet its future energy needs through a new pumped storage opportunity at the San Vicente Reservoir site. The potential project would create a new, up to 500-MW source of energy that could provide electric grid stability to the region during peak times for energy use or other days when demand for electricity is high and renewable energy supplies are scarce. Through a Jan. 4 release of a joint Request for Letters of Interest in the proposed San Vicente Energy Storage Facility, the Water Authority and the City of San Diego are reaching out to electric utilities, developers, investors and energy off-takers to help determine who may be interested in participating in the potential project.

- Linda Jonson

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    John Doe

    Posted on 26th Dec, 2016

    Very well done

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      Posted on 24th Dec, 2016 Author


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        David Muller

        Posted on 23rd Dec, 2016

        Need to change to the conventional storage.

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    Jhon Doe

    Posted on 21st Dec, 2016

    Good idea !


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